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Parent Resources

Resource List

"Parenting is easy," said no one ever (at least no one who's ever had kids)!  But we would like to help make it a little bit easier with a list of resources you can use.  In it you will find a ton of suggested tools for you and your family.  There will be online websites, radio stations, books, Bibles and devotionals, stores, and a whole list of creative and solid ways to implement God's Word into your daily life.  We also have lots of cool apps you can check out, too, so yes, there's an app for that! ;)  We hope these resources will be helpful for you.

Activity Pages
Here you will find links to our Parent Take Home Pages that correspond to each week's Sunday lesson for Camp Rock kids (Kindergarten-5th grade).  They are fun and engaging activities that go beyond coloring and really bring the Bible to life! 

Our current series will have intermittent activity pages. Here is the one for this past Sunday's lesson: Fishing for people.

Boulder Creek Preschool has been using The Bible App for Kids curriculum that pairs perfectly with the Bible Kids app!  Your preschoolers will watch an interactive video complete with the story, songs with Mr. Music, memory verse with Guy the Bible Guy, and hosted by Emily and Shine the Star!  They will also have Play Time, Prop Time, and Activity Time.  During the week, your kids can see and hear the Bible Story on the Bible App for Kids that you can download. Here's the website: The Bible App for Kids
Splash Day
As summer approaches, we will be gearing up for a super fun water day where we will be making a BIG--you guessed it--SPLASH!  Save June 17th on your calendar.  The event is free, complete with food, water games, water inflatables, and more!  More info to come soon!  

Old Testament Books Challenge

During May and June, your kids will be learning the books of the Old Testament in order!  Here's the letter for details.  Help them learn each group of books each week and by the end of the challenge they'll be able to say them all!  Then they will perform a fun(ny) song at the end of the challenge! He's the song to practice at home.

Parent Handbook

Here's an electronic copy of our parent handbook.  You can download it and keep it on file on your computer; we also have a hard copy available at church per request.